Static Discharger Key Chain


FEATURES1. Escape from shock due to discharge of static electricity.2. LCD shown by the electrostatic charged on you.3.Conductive rubber prevents scratches.4. Key holder design.5. No battery need.

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APPLICATIONS1.When you open and close the door of a car.2.When you wear and take off the clothing made of chemical fiber.INSTRUCTION1. Touch the round button (Note: click switch inside).2. Contact conductive surface to release the static. During the discharging, LCD shows the status.ATTENTION1. In order to release the static efficiently, please contact the conductive surface of such as a door key hole.2. Avoid strong shock, dip in water and disassemble.WHY DISCHARGING STATIC?1. Unpleasant shock.2. Damage electronics component.3. Dust attraction and hair repulsion.4. Skin hypersensitivity.

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