Speed Cool Refreshing Ice Towel/Cooler with Ice


Speed cool refreshing ice towel/ cooler with ice,good gift for promo.

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This speed cool refreshing ice towel/cooler with ice provides refreshing skin care. It is cool and absorbent and can works easily and rapidly. If refrigerated, it has a life up to 3 years and can be used repeatedly. The cooling effect is obvious, and it is easy to use. Non-toxic, harmless, and with no side effects on the body, this refreshing ice towel has become common in foreign countries, being used at picnics and events to stay cool while expressing casual fashion. The size is 100 x 4.5 cm (39.37 x 1.77 in.). OEM is available and suitable for sales promotion. A random sample is $40, including the freight. When you tell us your design, we can give you a quote for the mold fee.

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