Car Rear Window Rainproof Blade


Great design for preventing the rain water hitting to your rear mirror while you are driving Easy installed dual sides adhesive tape on the back of car mirror rainproof blades, suitable for many cars rear view mirrors Easy to install without any tools require Fit for many vehicles Come with 2 pieces, including left and right blades Good flexibility

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When you drive a car at over 40km/hour, the slow speed, while it rains, the natural wind and rain from the front go through the cyclone.And the rain is gathered on the side and discharged. It has also additionally support mirror that allows unobstructed view of rear. Only wind passes through the air knife on the top of mirror and then it is diagonally injected at the top of the mirror by the strong blow. As a result, the raindrops on the mirror are cleared. The shield at the top of mirror prevents raindrops from forming on the mirror even when a car stops. The formed raindrops are cleared when a car runs at over 40km/hour. Even the snow is not formed on the mirror after outdoor parking during the night in winter. Anyone can easily mount this item on the side-view mirror of a car. This item fits for all kinds of cars except truck and bus like special car.

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